Bombshell Restaurants Achieves 50% Improvement in Scheduling Accuracy

Uncover how Bombshell Restaurants enhanced scheduling accuracy by 50% with HotSchedules forecasting for more labor cost control, reduced managerial stress, and improved guest satisfaction. 

Bombshells Restaurant & Bar is a military-themed, next generation, sports bar-casual dining restaurant chain with a focus on entertainment and fun.


Bombshell Restaurants struggled to make schedules that met demand and ensure smooth operations. Managers relied on manual scheduling with pen and paper, lacking any data or insights into predicted demand. This process was time-consuming and often felt futile, as management was constantly having to adjust staffing levels on the fly to try to keep up. Their outdated approach was costing them, with high and unpredictable labor costs, huge turnover, and low operational efficiency.  


To close the staggering gap between scheduled labor and forecasted demand, Bombshell Restaurants implemented HotSchedules integrated with forecasting. This sophisticated software alleviated the strain of manual and inaccurate scheduling, producing smarter schedules with less effort. HotSchedules leveraged forecasts with historical sales data and automated the balancing act of labor compliance and team availability into one intuitive solution. Their smarter scheduling approach improved real-time visibility and significantly enhanced operational efficiency. 


With HotSchedules, Bombshell Restaurants gave every manager, of any tenure, accurate schedules to meet demand, with less manager time and frustration. They gained more control over labor costs, better staffed shifts, less stressed-out teams, and happier guests. 

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