Small Business Saves Thousands with the Restaurant Operations Suite

How Zinna’s Bistro transformed their operations and saved thousands of dollars with the Restaurant Operations Suite.

Zinna’s Bistro is a family-owned and operated Italian American bistro. This gem of Cranbury, NJ highlights fresh, high-quality ingredients, some of which come from their on-premises garden. Zinna’s brings homemade goodness to the community with a sit-down restaurant, catering company, and food truck.


Zinna’s Bistro, a small family-owned and operated business, struggled to maintain accurate records because of disorganized and antiquated systems like Excel. This inaccuracy affected all aspects of their operations, from hiring and scheduling to payroll management. Time theft was a particularly pressing issue because the lack of a reliable system for recording time and attendance data led to financial losses in the thousands of dollars. Zinna’s Bistro needed a trusted partner with a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions to make their challenges a thing of the past.


Fourth’s Restaurant Operations Suite (ROS) was the comprehensive solution Zinna’s Bistro needed to overhaul their operations and improve accuracy from the inside out.

HotSchedules, integrated with WebClock, made smarter scheduling simple for managers and completely eliminated the costs and frustrations associated with time theft.

To tackle hiring in a challenging labor market, Zinna’s leveraged PeopleMatter. This tool automated administrative tasks and candidate communication, expediting the candidate experience and allowing managers to focus more on the candidates themselves rather than the hiring and onboarding paperwork.

Expanding the benefits of an integrated solution, Zinna’s utilized Fourth’s HR & Payroll services to further streamline their operations. Fourth’s HR & Payroll easily connected their POS and HotSchedules data, reducing the load of payroll processing and minimizing compliance risks for their operations.


With the Restaurant Operations Suite, Zinna’s was able to modernize and standardize their processes across the board, saving them thousands of dollars, improving their hiring process, and reducing the stress of managing disconnected systems and data. Fourth’s Restaurant Operations Suite allowed Zinna’s to get back to the good stuff, growing their business and giving their guests an amazing experience.

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