Engage Your Managers & Your Employees

Create Happy, Engaged Managers and Team Members Who Serve Guests With a Smile

Happier Staff, Better Service

Engaged staff are happier and more productive. They give better service, create loyal customers and increase sales.


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Engage Your Team on Mobile

Our full-featured mobile app on iOS and Android offers over 3 million end users an easy way to access their schedules, swap and pick up shifts, request time-off, approve shift transactions and communicate with team members. It’s the most powerful way to engage and empower today’s modern workforce.

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Encourage Collaboration and Strengthen Culture

Encourage staff to collaborate and comment so they’re more connected to the business. Personalize your team’s experience with your own company brand, to help strengthen and develop a strong culture within your business.

Give your Managers the Tools They Need to Succeed

Communications, visibility, alerts and reports to support all the responsibilities of your managers.


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Streamline Communications

Put an end to the endless emails and crazy back-and-forth with a centralized, mobile communication logbook that helps restaurants create, track and record Tasks, To-Dos, Follow-Up’s, maintenance and more.

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Take Advantage of Mobile Notifications

Receive notifications, set reminders, receive a message for every new Store Log entry, see unanswered messages and respond in the Logbook app, review pending tasks and so much more!

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Manage and Report Remotely

Maintain control of your brand’s communications, checklists, and procedures while giving your groups and franchisees the right permissions. Corporate can create and distribute store-specific Task Lists and documentation at the highest level and monitor operational performance across all stores with robust reporting through the HotSchedules Above Store Console.

Take the Pulse of Your Team

Survey your team for quick status on their health, engagement, satisfaction and their opinions on things like new menus, new procedures, and beyond.

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