Payroll and Benefits

Let us help you manage multiple employments, varying pay rates, shift work, variable hours, temporary staff, PTO and more.

Get the Payroll and Benefits Solution that Works for You – Not Against You

We understand what you’re dealing with: multiple employments, varying pay rates, shift work, variable hours, temporary staff and PTO – it’s all part of payroll in restaurants and hospitality.


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Pay Accurately

Enjoy a fully integrated HR, scheduling and payroll solution so you can be sure the right data flows through the system to pay your staff the right amount.


Calculate Automatically

Our systems automatically calculate pay based on federal, state and city regulations on minimum wage and overtime.


Improve Your Employee Experience

Give them the option of replacing checks with payment cards or direct deposit, making it easier and cheaper for them to access their pay.

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Comply with the ACA

Use eligibility reports to determine which employees meet the FTE threshold. Analyze company size across any date range and ensure you’re providing one of the three approved calculation methods for affordable and compliant healthcare options.

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Leverage Pre-Built Templates

Make uploading to your accounting system simple and accurate – and customize them to your specific requirements

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Outsource with Confidence

Should you choose to outsource your payroll to us, we take complete care of paying your employees no hidden costs. The risk of penalties is eliminated, and you’ll have on demand access to a qualified Payroll Hospitality Specialist. 

Services Built for Restaurants and Hospitality

Our HR services  – whether you choose a simple payroll option or a fully outsources professional employer organization (PEO) option – are specific to restaurants and hospitality, so you never have to worry that we won’t understand the peculiarities of the industry. 

 Finance Director, wagamama

“Staff are paid accurately and on time, tips are paid through the payroll and taxed accurately, and staff can view their paystubs as well as their schedules on the app on their cell phone.” 

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