Time and Attendance Software

Say goodbye to payroll errors, compliance risk, and lengthy payroll processing sessions with time and attendance software from Fourth.

Punch time has never been easier.

  • Validate punch edits easily with an intuitive interface, while providing access to complete time attendance history.
  • Reduce risk by avoiding sub-minimum wage payouts for tipped and non-tipped employees with built-in payroll compliance.
  • Expedite payroll by quickly and easily exporting data in your payroll system’s preferred format.

It’s time for control, accuracy, and visibility.

  • Maintain control of the labor budget by comparing scheduled to actual hours and avoiding overtime with timely alerts.
  • Reduce payroll errors and build trust with employee acknowledgment of punch edits at their next login.
  • Increase team member visibility to estimated pay, timecard history, and scheduled meals and breaks.

Keep Compliant and Carry On

Combining our labor, payroll, onboarding, and applicant tracking software into one cloud-based solution helps payroll teams keep paychecks accurate while saving time and money.


Our employee time clock solution eliminates the need for expensive, outdated hardware and allows you to take advantage of valuable compliance features.

Be Certain with WebClock

  • Clock-in anywhere. Allow on-the-go employees to clock in from their phones.
  • Prevent time theft. Avert early clock-ins and “buddy punching” with geo-fencing boundaries.
  • Take quick action. Keep managers aware with push notifications for late clock-ins and missed meals or breaks.

“Our tour guides go straight to location. Thanks to WebClock, they clock in and out remotely. After the tours are finished, they can clock out on the spot and leave from downtown, which is more convenient for them.”

— Joey Robinson (Senior Vice President, Big Bus Tours)

See how Fourth’s WebClock became an integral part of Big Bus Tours business

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