Wage and Schedule Compliance

Schedule Changes Are Inevitable. Fines Don’t Have to Be.

Building weekly schedules that meet the needs of the business, the local regulatory requirements, and the flexibility expectations of your team can be overwhelming. We give you the tools to make it happen.

As labor legislation continues to grow in complexity, so does the risk of financial penalties. HotSchedules helps operators navigate the dynamic legal environment and schedule with confidence. Whether you’re managing a team of minors or complying with predictive scheduling regulations, configurable labor rules and mobile alerts help to ensure that your schedules are compliant, shift transactions are documented, and labor costs are under control. Electronically document and archive all shift transactions while giving your team members the freedom to manage their schedules.

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Predictive Scheduling and Fair Work Week

We stay ahead of the variable laws in states, cities, and counties across the country. From Oregon to Chicago and New York City, the combination of HotSchedules and Time & Attendance with WebClock helps alleviate payroll and legal teams from the tedious job of responding to new scheduling and pay rules as they go into effect.

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  • Meet Right to Rest requirements
  • Compensate for Spread of Hours (NY only)
  • Create a Voluntary Standby list (Oregon only)
  • Record attestation for any schedule change
  • Report on voluntary and involuntary shift changes

Meals and Breaks

Automatically schedule meals and breaks based on rules configured for your store and local requirements. Add time and attendance for automatic pay impact calculations and manager notifications for missed meals and breaks.

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Overtime Management

Know when a team member is about to go into overtime and easily find a replacement to keep overtime costs at a minimum.


Minor Labor

Set minor rules for your local requirements to avoid scheduling mishaps. Create school calendars so you know when your younger team members are available to work additional hours. Minors won’t see shifts available for pick up or swap if that transaction could violate local laws.


Food and Alcohol Certifications

Document food safety, alcohol service, and other certifications for your team members and receive alerts when they are getting ready to expire.

Minimize Exposure with Compliant Payroll

Wage compliance is a major source of exposure to hospitality businesses. Sure, managers build compliant schedules, but what happens after it’s posted? Together, our labor and time & attendance software help keep costs and compliance under control.

Wage Accuracy

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Minimum wage rates are configured down to the county level and our Time and Attendance solution is updated anytime new wage rates go into effect.

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View and report on tips by payment type including tip pool contributions.


Avoid sub-minimum wage payouts with calculations for tipped and non-tipped employees and tip shortfall warnings. Automatically adjust pay to meet the current minimum wage requirements.

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Flag exceptions for missed meals or breaks and calculate the required special pay according to local laws.


Real-time WebClock alerts keep managers informed of missed meals and breaks as well as late clock-ins/outs.

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HotSchedules consults with labor attorneys, industry associations, as well as government relations experts in the restaurant industry to stay ahead of legislation and compliance issues impacting our customers.

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