The Rise of Food Allergies

And how to keep your guests safe and happy

Roughly 15 million Americans (including 5.9 million children) are managing food allergies. Meanwhile, sensitivities and intolerances to specific ingredients are on the rise. Some allergies trigger a mild reaction (which would still ruin the memory of a nice meal out). Others have much more serious consequences. In fact, each year, 200,000 people in the U.S. require emergency medical attention from contact with a food allergen.

Accurate allergen information is critical to guarantee your guests’ safety. Plus, making sure information is easily accessible helps deliver a positive customer experience.

Ensure Accuracy

What happens when you tweak a menu item, or swap one ingredient for another? With manual processes for tracking ingredients, the potential for error abounds. Servers who may be well-versed in one iteration of a dish may find themselves in a tight spot if a change has been made but nutritional or allergen data hasn’t been updated.

Technology can help. With the right recipe and menu engineering solution, each ingredient is tagged with accurate nutrition and allergen info. As dishes are created or adjusted, their nutritional value and allergen information update automatically. This removes a big administrative burden. Your chefs can then focus their energy on creating innovative and delicious dishes.

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Empower Your Staff

There is often a disconnect from a server’s friendly, “and I just have to ask, any allergies or food sensitivities?” at the beginning of the meal to what actually ends up on a guests’ plate. It can also be tough on your staff if they aren’t equipped with the right information in real-time. During a busy service, a seemingly innocuous question: “do you know if this has sesame in it?” can elicit a quick — and not exactly reassuring — response: “I don’t think so” or, “it shouldn’t.”

In some cases, servers will resort to sharing whole stacks of ingredient lists or binders of recipes with guests. This puts the burden on your guest. Oftentimes, the information is difficult to interpret, and could be outdated.

With a recipe and menu engineering tool, information is centralized. Your servers can deliver the right answers right away. Accurate information is accessible (and always on hand) via smartphones and tablets. Without having to hunt, your staff will be able to give your guests accurate, up-to-date information — and peace of mind.

Equip Guests with the Info They Need

When dining out with friends or family, those with severe allergies are often tasked with picking the place. Combing through menus online in search of something safe to eat can take the joy and anticipation out of a meal. This is an opportunity for your restaurant.

Many recipe and menu engineering tools can upload your updated menus to your website and apps instantly. But the right tool can take this one step further: allowing a customizable view for guests. With a filtered view, your potential customers can select specific ingredients to avoid. As a result, they get a custom menu that excludes any dishes that could cause a reaction for them. For those who wish to make swaps or substitutions, they can also see in real-time how the nutritional and allergen values will shift

Whether they’re filtering your menu for vegan-friendly options or to exclude allergens, your potential customers will have all the information they need. Plus, they’ll gain confidence in your restaurant before they’ve even set foot inside.

In Conclusion

Some states are beginning the trend towards publishing menu allergen information and preventing cross-contamination in kitchens. As guest safety is at stake, legislation shouldn’t have to be the first step for making a change. Your restaurant can gain a competitive advantage by publishing this information, empowering your servers to deliver accurate answers, and giving your guests the confidence to return again and again.

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