Read how Krystal dealt with the challenges of high industry turnover and outdated paper and laptop-based training using HotSchedules

Krystal Improves Training and Turnover With HotSchedules

Krystal has been an institution in the South for more than 80 years. This quick-service brand serves freshly grilled burgers (as well as hot dogs, chicken, fries, milkshakes, and more) in more than 350 stores across 11 states. In an effort to deal with the high turnover rates in the industry, read how the Krystal training and development team completely transformed its employee training program with the help of HotSchedules Talent Development Powered by SchooX.



“Our promise of developing people and delivering training to them and making them better delivered a result of reduced turnover.”

— Richard Fletcher, Director of Training and Development, Krystal

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