A Global, Scalable Solution for QSR Operational Challenges

Built To Satisfy Corporate Visibility Needs While Enabling The Success Of In-Store Managers
Fourth’s back office solution for Quick Service operators enables success through modern, mobile applications that forecast needs, control food and labor costs, and drive consistent, predictable operations. Adopted by marquee brands around the world, this platform is built around a workflow application that helps managers stay on task, adapt to changing expectations, and never lose sight of their objectives.

Centralized Inventory and Purchasing Control

Take control of your food costs and processes with a complete supply chain solution that includes mobile counting, purchasing, receiving, sales, store transfers, and waste management. Consolidate and control catalogs, ordering, and receiving so that every manager can maintain compliance with your purchasing standards while meeting their profitability and customer service objectives.

Mobile Counting

A modern and mobile application makes counting fast and easy while eliminating paper and minimizing errors. Counts can be completed offline, with all data being uploaded to the system once a signal is available.

Purchasing and Procurement

With demand forecasting, you will know exactly what you need — and when you need it. Purchase from approved suppliers and pay only for what you received.

Supplier Integrations

Stay up to date on the status of electronic purchase orders, shipping and order confirmations, and credit notes with support for a variety of formats and transmission methods. Integrations with over 30 suppliers are available and custom integrations are achieved with minimal development.

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Prep for the day with a clear understanding of forecasted demand with automatic depletion of raw materials and inclusion of prep product.

Suggested Ordering

Our suggested ordering and guest service planning functionality uses the centrally generated sales forecast to help each site order the right products in the right quantities.

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Get the industry’s most accurate forecast, factoring in not just sales data from the last few weeks, but year-on-year trends, promotions, notable days, and local events. Optimize ordering using the sales forecast and historical usage of items. 

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Workflows Keep Everyone on Task

Enforce your brand’s unique set of standard operating procedures with fully customizable workflows to help store managers meet daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Clear objectives and step-by-step guidance support a smooth manager onboarding process and sets them up for success.

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Control Cash Movement Across the Store

Track the movement of cash at every point, from customer payment at a POS to safe drops to bank deposits directly from your mobile device. With tools that monitor shorts or paid outs, and confirm all amounts for shifts and the day, managers can quickly spot any issues and make corrective decisions that positively impact the bottom line.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

Real-time reporting capabilities and analytics dashboards support data-driven decision-making and transparency between in-store and above-store management. Keep track of critical KPIs including sales, inventory, cash, and labor through dashboards and standard operational reports supporting each back-office function.

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Manage Food and Labor Costs in a Single Solution

Don’t compromise your labor solution with a bolt-on back office module. Our back-office solution is paired with the industry’s gold standard for scheduling, employee engagement and labor optimization in use with over 120,000 restaurants today. Depending on the markets that you operate in, we can recommend a localized solution that meets your specific labor scheduling, time management, and compliance requirements.

Built for Hospitality

The Fourth Platform has been serving this industry since 1999, so you can be confident that we have the depth of functionality you need. It’s hospitality technology redesigned from the inside out.

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