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The Increasingly Disengaged State of Restaurant General Managers

…and what you can do about it. Learn how you can retain your top talent.

Navigating the restaurant industry landscape is increasingly difficult for operators. There are no clear signs of relief. A big challenge comes from a revolving door of staff. At the heart of this turnover crisis is the general manager.

The restaurant general manager is on the front lines. They’re juggling employee staffing vacancies, customer issues and a seemingly endless amount of back-office work.

GM’s are easily lured to other restaurants with the prospect of higher pay, or promises of better work-life balance. But the more turnover you have, the higher your recruiting expenses are. Plus, the churn takes a toll on your employee experience. How can you keep your top talent?

There is a real opportunity to find ways to improve the day-to-day experience for your general managers, thus ultimately improving your bottom line.

This white paper is a collaboration between Fourth and TDn2K™. It includes:

  • The current state of the restaurant general manager
  • Turnover and retention metrics
  • The most common reasons managers quit
  • Tools you can implement today to make your GMs jobs easier

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