Comprehensive Forecasting and Labor Management for Restaurants

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Workforce Scheduling

  • Build employee schedules 75% faster with modern drag-and-drop interface and ready-made templates
  • Reduce employee scheduling errors, shortages, and overages
  • Limit unplanned overtime
  • Access time-off, PTO, and team member availability in one spot
  • Approve or deny shift transactions on any device—with one click
  • Easy access to the Daily Roster Report
  • Create compliant employee schedules with consideration for minor labor, meals and breaks, predictive scheduling, fair work week, and more

Time and Attendance

  • Enforce clock-ins and reduce time theft
  • Aggregate time card, tip and break entries, and process payroll faster
  • Give employees time card and payroll history within HotSchedules
  • Export aggregated time card information to popular third-party payroll vendors
  • Keep payroll compliant with special pay calculations for meals, breaks and predictive scheduling
  • Add the WebClock for a mobile option with geo-fencing cost controls
  • Stay informed with mobile alerts for overtime, missed clock ins and more (WebClock only)

Forecasting – Eliminate the Guesswork with Advanced Forecasting

  • Forecast adjustments are presented in easy-to-read dashboards accompanied by the contextual data
  • This transparency builds trust between the manager and the application
  • The modern and intuitive interface makes it easy to review forecast adjustments and the associated impact creating a continuous feedback loop and opportunities for coaching
  • Input all promotions and events for a historical understanding of how your projections changed over time
  • KPI dashboard tiles keep managers informed on how actuals compare to the forecast with data updates every 15 minutes

Labor Management

Avoid unnecessary overtime, payroll mishaps, early clock-ins, employee turnover and expensive health care coverage (not to mention sales lost because of poor planning)

  • Put the right number of team members in place at the right time
  • Pinpoint staff needs for holidays and special times
  • Build efficiency, grow revenue, and positively impact sales
  • Calculate shift minimums or maximums from raw labor projections
  • Predict future sales and the labor needed to accommodate those sales
  • Generate suggested team member headcount along with a bucket of hours or actual shift templates

Labor Compliance

  • Configure labor rules by geography and compliance requirements
  • Catch employee scheduling mistakes before posting with built-in alerts
  • Automate the scheduling of meals, breaks and minor labor
  • Continuous updates ensure compliance with evolving fair work week and Predictive Scheduling provisions
  • Ensure payroll compliance after the schedule is posted by adding Time & Attendance

Shift Planning and Communication – Plan for the Day, Reflect on the Past, Improve in the Future

  • KPI Dashboard tiles present hourly data updates so managers know where they stand with their forecast and schedules
  • Actionable Insights leverage two or more data sources to identify trends that require action, such as forecast variances, excessive comps and voids, and out-of-tolerance temperature beacons
  • Combining the store calendar with shift notes enables context for changes made throughout the shift and the results from the previous day
  • Communicate at any time, on any device

Employee Engagement

  • Recognize good work with broadcast messages to a region, a specific location or one-on-one
  • Mobile messaging encourages employees to stay connected – to each other and your brand
  • Shift surveys keep managers informed of what went well during the shift and what didn’t work
  • All communications are electronically documented, archived and searchable

POS Integration

  • Integrate historical labor, sales, and guest data with your chosen POS for savings of up to 2%
  • Enforce clock-in/out times and eliminate duplicate schedules
  • Create schedules based on forecasted sales demand rather than gut instinct
  • Limit the cost of overtime by scheduling with historical sales data
  • Ensure that you have enough staff to keep your customers happy and coming back for more

New Health Survey

HotSchedules has launched a new Health Survey for the essential and returning workforce – free for HotSchedules customers. Learn more about how you can leverage this important new feature!

HotSchedules + Restaurants = Love

See what our restaurant customer’s think about HotSchedules, and learn how they are forecasting more accurately, staying compliant and optimizing labor in this challenging new environment.



PF Chang's

P.F. Chang’s expanded its partnership with HotSchedules in 2019 by implementing HotSchedules’ Labor Optimization module to reduce labor costs across the business through advanced forecasting.


Buffalo Wild Wings

Defying tough economic times, Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar (B-Dubs) is among the fastest growing restaurant chains in the country and continues to enjoy increasing success.



Grocery retailer leverages HotSchedules’ forecasting and labor management solutions to improve employee retention and scheduling, increase productivity and inform management decisions.

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Manage Labor Compliance to Avoid Fines and Lawsuits

Today’s restaurants have to juggle dozens of complex federal and state labor compliance issues—along with everything else it takes to keep their doors open and their businesses profitable. But labor compliance can’t play second fiddle to those issues—it must stay top of mind.

How to Achieve Accurate Forecasting

The more accurate the forecast, the more profitable the business. A demand forecast shows the shape of the day and the anticipated demand. That way, managers can see exactly how many employees they need in each area to meet that demand.

Predictive Scheduling Comes to the Windy City and City of Brotherly Love

HotSchedules makes product enhancements to meet new city and state regulations that ensure customers remain compliant.

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