The Importance of Forecasting Agility in Uncertain Times

Our conversation about labor forecasting in the digital economy is now available on-demand.

Amid the pandemic, there was a lot written on business agility and the ability to pivot business models in reaction to the dynamic environment. The year 2020 certainly put the hospitality industry to the test. There were encouraging success stories in every segment, from ghost kitchens to virtual concepts to retail offerings, including full service and hotel food & beverage. The year also brought a new awareness that while there have been advances in hospitality technology adoption, much of the industry felt they were unable to pivot quickly in response to COVID-19.

On March 2, HotSchedules forecasting veterans Mary Hamill and Marcie Tomlinson and special guest John LoBuglio, Sr. Director Ops at Bojangles got together for an insightful discussion about how operators can adapt their labor model to meet consumer demand. John shared his experience managing operations during the pandemic and the impact on his labor needs. He shared his approach to forecasting and how his flexible labor model gave his team the upper hand when adjusting to the acceleration of the company’s digital strategy. The jam-packed agenda tackled additional topics such as:

  • The importance of a flexible labor model.
  • Changes in revenue centers and day parts.
  • Forecasting best practices.
  • Technology that can help make managers successful.


Labor continues to be the most pressing pain point for operators today. As the industry looks forward to getting back to business at full capacity, there’s never been a better time to address how all these changes affect the way we staff our restaurants and budget for labor. Any operator looking to become more agile and build a labor model that gives your team the flexibility to adapt to whatever comes next, we invite you to view this timely webinar on-demand.

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