Winning the Talent War in the Restaurant Industry Through Enhanced Benefits

By Gene Cabrera|Aug 24, 2023|11:08 am CDT

In the fast-paced world of the restaurant industry, the quest to attract and retain top talent has evolved into a fierce battle. As eateries of all sizes compete for the best staff, amidst an ongoing labor shortage, how can you stand out? While we’ve seen restaurants try to compete by offering signing bonuses or even retention bonuses, this approach can actually be more costly than simply offering better benefits.

How PEOs Can Boost Restaurant Ops Success

The ROI of using a PEO in cost savings alone is 27.2%. See how leveraging HR & payroll partnerships can support your restaurant’s growth and streamline operations.

While traditional benefit plans might seem out of reach for most restaurants, there are options like voluntary benefit plans that can offer value to employees at a minimal cost to employers. And, unlike short-lived incentives, they provide lasting value and enhance overall job satisfaction.

Why Benefits Matter

The restaurant industry is known for its demanding nature, from bustling kitchens to energetic front-of-house environments. To thrive in this competitive sector, restaurants must secure skilled individuals who embody a commitment to exceptional service. Without adequate staff, restaurant owners and operators risk losing revenue when they can’t meet demand. By offering superior benefits, you win the allegiance of talented employees, ensuring they not only come to work for you, but also stay for the long run.

Employee benefits can come in many forms, such as the following examples:

Health and wellness initiatives: In an era of heightened health awareness, offering comprehensive health coverage is a powerful draw. Include medical, dental, and vision insurance to provide a holistic approach to your employees’ well-being. Moreover, consider partnering with wellness programs that promote fitness and mental health support.

Flexible scheduling: A significant benefit that can set you apart is offering flexible scheduling options. By accommodating your employees’ needs for control over their schedule, you can provide a better work-life balance. For example, you can use scheduling apps that allow employees to swap, drop, and pickup shifts.

Career growth opportunities: Talented individuals seek employers who invest in their growth. Develop career advancement paths, offering training programs and opportunities for skill development. This not only enhances employee loyalty but also ensures a skilled and motivated workforce.

Financial perks: Consider introducing retirement plans, profit-sharing, or performance-based bonuses. You can also offer on demand pay to help your employees have flexibility in when they get paid rather than waiting for payday. Financial stability is a prime concern for many employees, and by addressing this aspect, you can make your restaurant a preferred workplace.

Embrace the unconventional: Explore innovative benefits like tuition reimbursement, wellness stipends, or even offering pet insurance. Unique perks show that you value your employees’ individuality and are willing to go the extra mile.

Creating a winning benefits strategy

The first step in designing the right strategy for your restaurant is to understand your workforce’s needs. Consider conducting surveys or informal conversations to grasp what matters most to your employees.

A recent survey by the Hartford found that the most common benefits employees look for, and that companies offer, are medical insurance, life insurance, short and long-term disability, retirement plans, vision, and dental insurance. But, adding in some lifestyle perks such as those mentioned above can also help you rise above the competition for talent.

While navigating the world of employee benefits may seem daunting, engaging with a Professional Employer Organization or PEO can lift the burden off your plate. PEO services can leverage their economies of scale to access benefits not usually available to smaller organizations. Plus, they can handle your entire HR burden from payroll processing to tax administration to employee benefits packages.

Promoting Your Benefits Advantage

Crafting a compelling benefits package is only part of the equation. Effectively communicating these offerings to potential and current employees is equally crucial. Leverage your social media channels, website, and in-house materials to showcase the benefits you provide. Highlight employee success stories and testimonials to emphasize how your benefits have positively impacted their lives.

Long-Term Gains of Better Benefits

The benefits you offer today can yield significant long-term gains for your restaurant. As word spreads about your employee-focused approach, you’ll find it easier to attract new talent. Furthermore, a satisfied and motivated workforce translates to improved customer experiences, leading to higher customer loyalty and increased revenue.

Winning the talent war in the restaurant industry requires an innovative approach. By offering superior benefits that align with your employees’ needs and aspirations, you can create a workplace culture that attracts and retains top-tier talent. Remember, better benefits don’t just secure employees; they elevate your restaurant’s reputation and success in the long run.

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