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Managing people can be a challenging process, especially in the hospitality sector. You want to hire the right people to complement your existing team, have easy access to information for both managers and employees, and pay everyone accurately.

Meet Your Challenges

  • Access complete HR information in one place, in the cloud.
  • Give managers the tools they need to support their teams.
  • Manage the end-to-end hiring process through advertising, applicant tracking and electronic onboarding - clearly, simply and transparently.
  • Easily manage Paid Time Off (PTO) requests and unauthorized absences, while automatically adjusting pay accordingly.
  • Know how your teams are really doing - and who your stars are.
  • Take control of your people’s information and development.

With Fourth's HR software solution, you have all of your HR information in one place in the cloud. Now your managers are free from unnecessary administrative tasks so they can focus on customers and staff.

Key Benefits

  • Avoid duplication and errors with information flowing through the system, from onboarding to scheduling and payroll.
  • Drastically reduce administration through automation, employee self-serve and digital signatures.
  • Ensure applicants complete the correct information with automatic presentation of the correct federal, state and local tax filing forms.
  • Manage Paid Time Off (PTO) requests and reduce unauthorized absences, while automatically adjusting pay.
  • Fourth Analytics provides useful, graphical dashboards to drive even better decision making.



Employee Database

The Problem
Managing a staff of permanent, seasonal and temporary workers can be a minefield – especially when employee information and history of tardiness, absenteeism, and Paid Time Off (PTO) requests and approvals are all recorded in hundreds of spreadsheets – or worse on paper.

Our Solution
With Fourth's HR software solution, you have all HR data in one place, securely stored and accessible in the cloud. Applicant Tracking will transfer vital employee details through from their application, eliminating duplication and errors, so you can focus on efficiency and margin growth. Your employees have access to an easy-to-use, permission-based mobile self-service to update their personal details, while you get significant cost savings in administrative overhead.

Access complete HR information in one place, in the cloud.


Hiring and Onboarding

The Problem
Hiring and onboarding new hires can be a huge administrative burden. You need to make sure new hires complete all the right information in the right timeframe – including all the correct federal, state and local tax filing forms. Having to chase new hires for the information only adds to the issue.

Our Solution
With Fourth, the time it takes to hire new employees can be reduced by 30% or more. Posting jobs, receiving resumes, sorting potential applicants and communicating and scheduling an interview is simplified and streamlined. Once you’ve found the right applicant, an employee record can be set up with just a few pieces of additional information, and the new hire can complete all the relevant information themselves. Correct forms are presented based on the information the new hire enters, which eliminates the risk of them completing the wrong documents. What’s more, verification processes are streamlined through direct integration with E-Verify, and information flows through the system to scheduling and payroll, avoiding duplication and errors.

Absence Management

The Problem
With everything else going on in the business, you also need to keep on top of calculations for accrued Paid Time Off,  keep track of authorized and unauthorized absences, and make sure employee’s pay is correct.

Our Solution
With Fourth, managing absences is simplified. Accruals are automatically calculated, and employees can request Paid Time Off (PTO) on their mobile devices which managers can easily approve or deny. And pay is automatically adjusted to reflect absences.

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Fourth’s Workforce Management solutions are available in four Editions designed to meet the level of control you want, to deliver immediate ROI and provide scale as your business grows.


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