Payroll Services

Outsourcing payroll removes the entire compensation and payroll tax burden from your hands while supplying access to modern technology. As wage and scheduling compliance grow across the country, you can rely on a partner with deep roots in hospitality and retail to handle complex payroll calculations while minimizing your risk.

With multiple options to choose from, we can customize a payroll software and services solution that will save money, lower your burden and help your business to scale. Integrated with HotSchedules workforce management solution, Fourth offers the most complete service industry solution on the market.



Ensure Payroll Accuracy

On-time and accurate payroll is achieved with a fully-integrated HR, scheduling and payroll solution. 


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Eliminate Risk

Minimize your risk of penalties as compliance with payroll legislation is looked after by our team.


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Access a Payroll Specialist

We provide on-demand access to qualified hospitality payroll specialists, so you get answers quickly.


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Improve Employee Experience

Offer the option of replacing checks with payment cards, making it easier and cheaper to access their pay.



Make Your Deadlines

Eliminate the risk of missing deadlines with our team taking care of all payments to employees, and state and other government agencies.


Our Payroll Services are Comprehensive, Flexible and Integrated


Fully Managed, Flexible Service

Choose a customized solution covering:

  • Payroll processing, reporting
  • Tax filing and administration
  • W-2, W-3 reporting and filing
  • Deductions for benefits, garnishments, liens, child support
  • Payroll reports, including job costing and certified payroll
  • Full-time, online payroll reporting
  • Direct deposits

Fully Integrated Systems

With our fully integrated platform, information flows automatically from HR and scheduling to time and attendance and payroll. This eliminates the need for manual processes, and makes sure that pay runs are accurate and on-time.


Founder, Outback Steakhouse

“Labor management and payroll processing are a burden for many restaurant companies. Combining restaurant workforce and scheduling technology with HR and payroll processing services solves a major problem for many companies. I have always believed it was possible for this to be done better and excited to see how this will revolutionize our industry.” 

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