Restaurant Labor Compliance Software

Simplify Compliance, Secure Peace of Mind for Your Restaurant

Compliance software is more than a tool; it’s a safeguard for your business, designed to overcome the unique challenges of labour laws in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

  • Ensure your restaurant stays a step ahead of compliance changes with built in tools
  • Help your managers focus on delivering exceptional dining experiences.
  • Mitigate the risk of fines and legal issues with proactive detection and resolution of non-compliant activities.

Take the Complexity out of Compliance

Stop stressing about ever-changing labor laws that come with hefty fines for violations. Our in-house compliance team works directly with our product teams to ensure we build the latest regulations into our solutions. No matter how many times things change, one thing never will — we’ve got you covered. 

Fair WorkWeek 

Fair WorkWeek laws are regulations adopted by select cities to make employee scheduling more stable, fair, and transparent, supporting a better quality of life for hourly workers. Ensure your locations within these cities meet every requirement with Fourth’s built-in compliance.  

  • Predictive Scheduling
  • Right To Rest requirements
  • Regular Schedule
  • Record attestation for any schedule changes
  • Report on voluntary and involuntary shift changes

Labor Compliance  

Building schedules that meet the needs of the business, regulatory requirements, and the expectations of your team can be overwhelming. You never have to worry about something slipping between the cracks and putting your business at risk. Receive automatic alerts for:  

  • Overtime
  • Minor labor law violations
  • Meals and break rules
  • Rates below Minimum Wage

Payroll & Wage Compliance

Payroll compliance is not only about building a compliant schedule but also about what happens during the shift and ensuring payroll providers receive the correct information.

  • Flexible pay rules configuration
  • Consistent minimum wage and rule updates
  • Real-time alerts for missed breaks
  • Simple punch review workflows

Minor Labor Laws

Keep your minor workers compliant with the most advanced minor labor law compliance restrictions and safeguards — all built right into your scheduling software.

  • Instant notifications of any non-compliant shifts and schedules
  • No accidental scheduling during school hours with visible availability built into the scheduler
  • Minors can’t see released shifts that would put them at risk of violating laws

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