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Restaurant Task Management software

Task Management

With Fourth task management software, you can visualize store productivity, assign tasks, and improve food and safety compliance—anywhere, on any device.

  • Ensure that every task is tracked, from routine cleaning to critical compliance checks.
  • Access to over 70 industry-specific templates, to maintain the highest standards of food safety
  • Easily document all aspects of your operations with a user-friendly interface that requires no technical training.

​​​We Wrote the Book on It – Literally

Fourth’s digital logbook helps you build your brand and achieve operational excellence. Our easy-to-use task management app gives you visibility to your business and an open line of communication with your team. It also arms you with food safety records to ace your next health inspection.

Say Hello to The Ultimate Task Master

Real-Time Intelligence. Really Smart.

With task management from Fourth, you and your staff will have real-time insight into what’s been done, who did it, and when it’s been completed. Confidence and control – now that’s a recipe for success.

  • Gain complete operational oversight from across stores to above-store leadership.
  • Achieve brand compliance to easily maintain standards across stores.
  • Access 70-plus industry-specific templates with easy-to-create custom task lists.
  • Leverage built-in food and safety compliance measures to capture protocol information, upload photos, and set up automatic alerts.

Manager’s Red Book™

We know some managers prefer paper over technology and we’re ready for them with the Manager’s Red Book. This cost-effective print solution for task management can be fully customized to meet their unique operational needs.

  • Easily document everything with no technical training required. Managers can write down shift notes and document day-to-day operational and customer issues.
  • Drives consistency so all your managers will execute the same set of operational procedures day to day and location to location.
  • Improves manager communication and visibility with one source of truth for task management and reported incidents.
  • Serves as an audit trail by delivering the technology and record-keeping required for Equal Employment Opportunity Cases.

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