The Fuego Visa® Card

Offer employees more flexibility in how and when they get paid

Give your employees the benefit of financial flexibility

The Fuego Card offers employees a trusted and convenient source for debit transactions. There are no inactivity fees, no cost to set up, and employees can access their pay up to two days early.1

How the Fuego Card helps employees:

  • Employees can get paid up to two days early1
  • Easy activation – no credit checks required2
  • No setup, monthly, or inactivity fees
  • Savings on the cost of cashing paychecks
  • Surcharge-free cash withdrawals at more than 37,000 MoneyPass® ATMs

Plus, the Fuego Card can be used to make purchases everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

Start building loyalty from day one

By offering Fuego with PeopleMatter, you can offer employees the benefit of the Fuego Card during their onboarding process, eliminating the need for paper checks or pay cards. Fuego fully integrates with PeopleMatter, meaning there’s no management or administrative involvement needed for activation whatsoever.

How the Fuego Card helps employers:

  • No cost to you or your employees as part of Fourth’s Human Capital Management solution
  • Save an estimated $6 per check. For every 100 employees on a bi-weekly payroll this could represent $4,320 in savings annually3
  • 79% of employees say they worry about personal finances while at work. Keep your employees engaged and eliminate quiet quitting for good4

Give your employees the benefit of on-demand pay

Did you know Fuego offers more than just a Fuego Card? Existing HotSchedules customers can easily implement Fuego as their chosen earned wage access provider leveraging our seamless integration.

With Fuego’s earned wage access solution, hourly employees can draw up to 50% of their earned funds after completing a shift, which is deducted from net pay at the end of a pay period like other post-tax calculations, at no cost to their employer. Learn more about the benefits of on-demand pay.

So little effort, so much to gain

The Fuego Card is not a paycard, meaning your team does not have to keep an inventory, nor do they have to assign the account number to the employees. And while Fuego can coexist with a paycard program, employers can choose to streamline their offerings and reduce operational cost and overhead by replacing their paycards with the Fuego Card.

If an employee chooses the Fuego Card instead of a paycard, the overhead on an employer’s operations team to issue and manage the cards is eliminated.

  1. For you to be paid early, your employer or payment provider must submit the deposit early. Your payment provider may not submit the deposit early each payment period, so ask when they submit your deposit information to the bank for processing. Early funds deposit begins on the 2nd qualifying deposit, which is defined as a direct deposit greater than $5.00 received from the same payer.
  2. This is not a credit card; no credit check is required. Approval subject to successful ID verification
  3. Based on an average of 30% hourly workers opting for a paper paycheck.
  4. PWC’s Employee Financial Wellness Survey, 2021

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