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Restaurant Employee Scheduling Software

The Restaurant Industry’s Leading Employee Scheduling App

Make employee scheduling conflicts, understaffed shifts, and compliance worries a thing of the past.

  • Cut costs, not corners with demand-driven scheduling
  • Built in scheduling compliance management
  • Integrate your scheduling seamlessly with your existing POS

Schedule effectively, forecast reliably, and amplify growth

The secret to creating exceptional employee and guest experiences starts with creating schedules based on customer demand. That’s always been easier said than done, until now.

Simplify scheduling, take control of the labor budget, and empower your employees with scheduling from Fourth.

Reduce labor spend by 3-5%. 1

  1. Fourth Enterprise Data

Build happy teams

Give your team members the flexibility they want, the communication tools they need, and the benefits they deserve.

Modernize operations

Embrace AI-driven solutions to automate tedious yet critical tasks so managers can get back to the work they love.

Overcome tight margins

Start planning your expansion by decreasing labor spend, increasing sales, and improving customer OSAT scores.

Demand-driven scheduling

Never suffer the consequences of under- or overstaffed shifts.

With Fourth’s employee scheduling solution, managers can easily create optimal employee schedules based on accurate demand forecasts,
compliance legislation, and your unique labor rules.

How it works

Set your labor rules

During implementation, we’ll establish your labor rules, or how many employees you require based on expected sales or guest count. For example, for every $2,000 spent on a Friday, your brand standards may require 2 servers and 1 bartender.

Generate your demand forecast

See into the future with AI forecasting and automatically create house shifts that meet demand and align with your predetermined labor rules. When moving from manual calculations, our forecasting technology can improve accuracy by up to 75%.

Deploy optimized and compliant schedules

Click auto-schedule to auto-assign shifts to employees based on availability, skill level, labor laws, and more. It’s a perfectly optimized schedule that meets customer demand in seconds, not hours.

Give employees schedule flexibility

After posting the schedule, employees can easily request to swap, drop, or pickup shifts from our top-rated business app. Managers will receive shift change requests on their mobile app with any compliance warnings so they can make informed decisions on-the-go.

Slash admin timeBreak free from the back office

Save managers 5+ hours a week by automating critical yet tedious scheduling responsibilities like labor forecasting, compliance management, and shift requests. That’s at least 5 extra hours a week spent creating impactful guest experiences.

Give employees flexibilityBecome a great place to work

With turnover rates as high as 144% in the hospitality industry, exceeding employee expectations is now table stakes.

Our #1 rated business app is more than just a scheduling platform, it’s a communication channel allowing employees to message one another, request time off, and quickly swap, drop, or pick-up shifts.

Drive profitabilitySee into the future

When years of fluctuating demand collide with economic uncertainty, predicting foot traffic seems like a fool’s errand. But our AI forecasting algorithms analyze internal and external data points, consumer behavior, and economic trends to accurately predict demand up to eight weeks out.

Automate complianceProtect your business

You didn’t sign up to be a lawyer, so it’s time to blacklist “compliance” from your to-do list. With our automated compliance management system built directly into our scheduling solution, you can save your managers time, minimize your risk of non-compliance, and protect your company’s wallet and reputation.

Save 2% in penalty pay. 1

  1. Fourth Enterprise Data

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Gain above store visibilityStop chasing data

Siloed data is wasted data. Quickly identify employee scheduling and labor trends at the individual, regional, and national level by making workforce management data accessible and digestible.

Our custom KPI dashboards make it easy to access popular reports like:

  • Sales & labor costs
  • Labor variance
  • Proforma

POS Integrations

Integrate your POS to sync employee data and improve labor forecasting capabilities.

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“We have markets that have upwards of 2 whole percentage points in labor savings because operators understood completely and bought into the HotSchedules system.”

— Candice Barnett (Sr. Director of Off-Premises Dining Operations)


Slash admin time, drive profitability, and empower your employees with HotSchedules, the hospitality industry’s #1 workforce management solution.

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  • How does employee scheduling software help me stay compliant?
    • Not all scheduling software prioritizes compliance. At Fourth, however, our in-house compliance team works directly with our product teams to ensure the latest federal, state, and local regulations are configured directly into the platform. That means as managers schedule, they’ll receive real-time alerts around overtime, Fair Workweek, minor labor law violations, and more. And by integrating scheduling with time-tracking and attendance, managers also receive real-time alerts for late clock-ins, missed breaks, overtime, etc., to take quick action and prevent costly penalties.
  • How does employee scheduling software help lower labor spending?
    • Labor is not only one the largest expenses a business faces but often one of the most unstable expenses from over or understaffing shifts. With accurate demand forecasting and labor optimization technology, you’ll have the necessary insights to create schedules based on customer demand. And when demand is staffed properly, labor budgets go down and sales go up.
  • Why do employees love Fourth’s scheduling app?
    • Employees want more control of their schedules, a safe place to share feedback, and easy ways to communicate with managers and team members. With Fourth’s workforce management solution, this is all possible. Ranked the #1 business app, employees can easily message managers and co-workers without sharing phone numbers. They can swap, drop, and pick-up shifts in a few taps, creating a flexible work environment. And with our anonymous employee surveys, there’s always an opportunity to share feedback on anything from menu updates to policy changes.

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