Fourth announces new capability that enhances on-demand pay

By Mike Calo|Sep 26, 2023|7:00 am CDT

Fourth, the leader in workforce and inventory management solutions for the restaurant, hotel, retail, and leisure industries, today announced that its Fuego™ on-demand pay solution has added Universal Calendar functionality to enhance its existing earned wage access capability.

With Universal Calendar, Fuego users can see all their shifts in a single view and review future earning potential based on available open shifts.

Since real-time payments and the ability to see earnings potential can incentivize employees to pick up more shifts for more pay, employers are likely to fill their shifts quicker and with no hassle.*

Universal Calendar enhances an already robust personal financial management solution. With spending and earnings insight capabilities right in the Fuego app, employees can see their whole financial picture and work hours that help them meet their financial goals.

See how the benefit of on-demand pay can help you attract and retain the best employees and get shifts filled with ease.

*From the Fuego app, employees can launch straight into ‘My Schedule’ section of HotSchedules to pick up available shifts.

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