Fourth Announces Strategic Partnership with Pendella to Bring Individual Life Insurance Benefits to Restaurant and Retail Employees

By Fourth|Aug 21, 2023|7:00 am CDT

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fourth, the leader in workforce and inventory management solutions to the restaurant, hotel, retail and leisure industries, announced today its partnership with Pendella, a fast-growing technology company on a mission to take the bias out of life insurance. The strategic collaboration will provide individual life insurance offerings to Fourth’s human resources (HR) and payroll customers.

According to financial research firm LIMRA, approximately 42% of Americans would experience financial difficulties within six months if the primary wage earner in their household were to pass away unexpectedly.

“Typically, group life insurance policies offered by employers offer either a flat sum of $20,000 or one-year’s salary as a benefit,” said Gene Cabrera, SVP of operations, HR and Payroll at Fourth. “It is far less than what an individual life insurance benefit could offer or what a family may need from an unexpected or catastrophic event.”

“Employee group coverage plans simply do not provide the necessary protection, which is why many workers are now expressing an interest in acquiring individual life insurance to protect their families,” said Pendella’s CEO and founder, Bob Gaydos. “This partnership with Fourth is part of our mission to extend life insurance coverage and ensure no worker gets left out.”

Pendella’s branded life insurance technology now seamlessly merges with Fourth’s workforce solution platform to create a completely digital process to shop, compare and buy financial coverage within minutes – all achieved without requiring a medical exam. Fourth’s HR and payroll customers can purchase comprehensive life insurance coverage for as low as $9 a month and in less than 15 minutes.

“Efficiency and ease of use have always been our watchwords,” continued Cabrera. “Pendella was the obvious choice because of the ease and speed of their digital underwriting process, not to mention the simplicity of integrating their offerings with our current benefits services.”

By expanding the accessibility of life insurance, Fourth hopes to close a huge coverage gap in which about 50% of U.S. households (according to the 2022 Insurance Barometer Study by LIMRA) have no individual life insurance.

To learn more, join Fourth and Pendella on a live online session about “How Restaurants and Retail Chains can Win the Talent War” at

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Pendella is a technology company that exists to make the financial protection of individual life and disability insurance available to all. Pendella’s full-stack, enterprise SaaS solution is powered by artificial intelligence and big data to automate underwriting and deliver a simple and intuitive experience to thousands of people through partnerships with top-rated insurance carriers and distributors. White-label customization enables a seamless end-to-end experience, providing life and disability insurance in minutes with no paperwork, no medical exams, and minimal effort. For more information go to

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