Training and Development

Keep your staff trained, compliant, and on the right career path with our online learning management system.

Invest in Your Greatest Asset – Your Team

Thanks to our partnership with Schoox, we are happy to offer complete, intelligent, innovative talent development.


Modern Learning Tools for Modern Learners

  • Improve communications and feedback – Transparency and the flow of key messages is critical for fast-moving restaurant teams. Send broadcast messages, create groups to cover any topic, and deliver company messages to a single store or the entire organization in one click.
  • Enable social collaboration – Top-down communication is only one way companies communicate. Give your in-store and above-store teams a mobile, social centralized hub to communicate as they train, learn and engage with each other.
  • Engage learners on their terms – Let workers learn anywhere, anytime on any device through our mobile, native iOs and Android apps. Or, tie your learning and training to an IP address – you choose.
  • Single sign on (SSO) across training and labor – Make it easy for administrators, trainers and learners to navigate from tool-to-tool. Connect your scheduling, labor and learning management systems and watch your adoption rates go through the roof.

Create a Learning Culture & Deliver Consistent Guest Experiences

  • Build a branded learning experience – Immerse your teams in a learning experience that looks and feels like your brand and promotes your company’s values. More than one brand? No problem! Administrate all of your brands from one platform.
  • Deploy dynamic content & courses – You carefully craft menus and recipes tailored to consumers’ needs. Why not for your team too? Ditch old-school training. Automate training, quizzes, certifications, and other courses necessary to keep your team members learning and growing with your brand.
  • Manage compliance training & certifications – Assign compliance training and certifications across multiple locations and quickly identify which employees still need to take action from one dashboard.
  • Consistently train and develop employees – Is consistent training and guest experience connected? We think so. Easily train new team members on your brand’s culture, standards, procedures and processes using your own content. Supplement ongoing training with free or paid third-party content.

Increase accountability with performance management

  • Help employees find their career path – Create personalized learning paths that your employees can follow to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to take that next leap.
  • Easily assign courses as corrective action – See who hasn’t passed their training and development curricula and identify who has skills that need to be pushed to the next level from an intuitive reporting dashboard.
  • Develop restaurant managers – If there’s room to grow professionally, there should also be a path. Create and deploy a manager development program that builds their competency to execute the operations and lead their teams.
  • Use performance data to identify talent – Discover team members’ strengths, find the right talent for any job and plan for succession with an intelligent employee ranking algorithm.

Measure your training’s impact on the business

  • Integrate third-party data – Import your KPI values via excel files or through an integration with any third-party system.
  • Correlate critical business metrics – Define and manage different types of KPIs like revenue summaries, customer satisfaction averages, and so much more
  • Configure thresholds, alerts and variances – Build thresholds that result in better business performance. Add usual seasonal trends to get more objective dependency results between your training and business KPIs
  • Easily visualize knowledge progress – Measure the Knowledge Fuel for the entire range of training subjects or for a particular subject, course or curriculum

Great Training and Development Improves the Overall Performance of Your Stores


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Engage, Train, Communicate

From new hire training to manager development programs, deliver the right content and courses to every employee in a social platform that keeps them engaged.


Your Training, Your Brand

From the moment employees sign-in, your learning environment should reflect your brand’s culture and the values you stand for.


Create Consistency

Train your teams on an ongoing basis from a platform that can track their skills, knowledge and overall performance, so you can deliver a consistent guest experience. 

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Personalize Learning Paths

As learners consume content and complete courses, our training and performance management solution automatically suggests learning paths.


Measure Learning Impact

Correlate training and learning data to critical business metrics like sales, guest satisfaction and recipe expertise.


Director of Training and Talent Development, Krystal

“Our promise of developing people, delivering training to them, and making them better delivered a result of 30% reduced turnover.” 

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