LOOK Cinemas Selects Fourth’s Integrated Workforce Management Solution

By Fourth|Sep 22, 2023|3:07 pm CDT

AUSTIN, Texas — September 22, 2023 — Fourth, the leader in workforce and inventory management solutions to the restaurant, hotel, retail and leisure industries, today announced that Dallas-based LOOK Dine-In Cinemas has chosen its integrated workforce management solution, which includes scheduling, labor forecasting and optimization, compliance, and on-demand pay solutions.

Having successfully deployed and integrated across LOOK Cinemas’ 12 locations nationwide, the company is now adding Fourth’s software. This addition supports the entire employee journey by offering accessible and flexible scheduling, easy time-tracking, and reliable pay solutions.

By leveraging real-time alerts during employee shifts to address common issues such as missed breaks, overtime, or late clock-ins, the system helps save on labor costs and minimizes penalty payments. This proactive approach to managing employees ensures greater efficiency and monetary savings for the business while providing accountability and compliance for employees.

“LOOK Cinemas is committed to providing a world-class experience for its customers and its employees,” said Brian Schultz, CEO of LOOK Cinemas. “This includes investing in tools and systems needed to serve our guests and to support our team. Fourth’s workforce management solution addresses our specific challenges and opportunities essential for sustainable growth. We look forward to continuing our technology partnership with Fourth.”

Supporting loyalty and retention, LOOK Cinemas’ employees will also have access to Fourth’s on-demand pay1 app, Fuego. With Fuego’s earned wage access solution, employees can draw up to 50% of their earned funds within hours of completing a shift rather than waiting for payday. Funds are deducted from net pay like other post-tax calculations, at no cost to the employer. Plus, Fuego integrates seamlessly HotSchedules.

“We are excited to extend our relationship with LOOK Cinemas to integrate Fourth’s complete workforce management solution,” said Clinton Anderson, CEO of Fourth. “Leveraging our intelligent software solutions will help LOOK Cinemas achieve labor and operational efficiencies while managing their workforce while supporting their business as they expand their geographical footprint in the future.”

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When every hour of every shift matters, Fourth helps restaurants, retailers, and hotels conquer the day with data-driven workforce and inventory technology. The Fourth Intelligence Platform leverages more than 20 years of rich data and advanced analytics to deliver actionable insights and demand forecasting for optimizing operations, maximizing margins, and empowering employees. With a streamlined business powered by Fourth Intelligence, industry operators can act with certainty and conquer with confidence whatever comes their way every day. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Fourth serves more than 15,000 customers across 100,000 locations globally. For more information, please visit fourth.com.

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LOOK Dine-In Cinemas is an innovator in the entertainment space and incorporates the newest technology to maximize the movie-going experience. LOOK’s auditoriums provide a state-of-the-art viewing environment for guests, featuring laser projection, wall-to-wall oversize screens, digital surround sound systems and luxury recliner seating. LOOK & Dine mobile ordering enables guests to customize their food and beverage choices and orders are delivered directly to their seats. For more information, visit www.lookcinemas.com.

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